Travelling through Morocco was an adventure.  All your senses are tested from the moment you arrive.  From the intense aromas of the spices to the loud bustling atmosphere behind the medina walls, Morocco is an amazing country full of culture and wonderful people.

Driving through the country was relatively easy and it allowed me to stop wherever and whenever I wanted.  That’s how I managed to capture some of Morocco’s beauty from the green mountains in the north, the Atlas mountains in the center, the Atlantic coastal villages and the Sahara desert in the east.  There’s so much variety to keep you intrigued.  It’s also home to cultural cities such as the red-walled city of Marrakesh and the imperial city of Fes, as well as the bright and colorful port city of Essaouira, and the vibrant blue-washed city of Chefchaouen, with its many beautifully preserved buildings and markets or souks.

This north African country is known to many as the land of a thousand kasbahs.  Dotted all over the country, these settlements are a fascinating place to visit with Ait Ben Haddhou being the most famous kasbah of them all.  This place is magical at sunrise as the low sunlight hits the clay houses slowly turning the red clay into soft pastel colors and eventually vibrant pinks and oranges as the sun rises.  Stay for a while to walk through the narrow alleys and explore hidden gems.  The locals are more than happy to welcome you in for some mint tea.  No matter the time of the day, there is always time for mint tea.

As you continue to drive further east across the Draa Valley, the landscape changes from lush green palm trees to dry and arid desert land.  You have reached the outer bends of the Sahara desert.  I parked my car at the town of Zagora where a driver took me in a 4×4 straight through the massive sand dunes to my camp for the next few days.  I decided to stay at a camp far from any other camp to really experience the complete silence and darkness in the desert.  This allowed me to take advantage of waking up early before sunrise and hike up the massive sand dunes while admiring the views from the top as the sun came up.  The Sahara desert was exactly how I expected it to be – vast, quiet, and absolutely amazing.  Definitely a highlight of my trip.

Here’s a glimpse of Morocco.