Croatia is one amazing country.  I was impressed by its cleanliness, friendly people, and pristine nature.  There is plenty of sightseeing with so many nature parks scattered throughout the country.  One in particular was Plitvice National Park which was on my to-see list and the highlight of the trip.  With its emerald green water, lush green vegetation, and spectacular waterfalls, there is no wonder it’s the most popular.  The park was more beautiful in person.  In fact, there were areas that looked like scenes out of the movie Avatar.   It really is surreal and should not be missed on a Croatian itinerary.  Make sure to visit the old towns or Zadar, Trogir, and Omis along the coast where you can see what the rest of the country is known for…its sand-less beaches and its small towns adorned with the iconic orange roofs.