I fell in love with Slovenia…from the pristine nature to the friendly locals to its spectacular views.  Slovenia has it all.  Beginning of spring was beautiful as everything was growing back and the fields were becoming green again.  The mountains still had some snow, creating a picturesque contrast of seasons.

No visit to Slovenia would be complete without visiting Lake Bled.  Its iconic view with the church perched at the top of a small island in the middle of the lake is no match to any of its other lakes…though colorful Lake Bohinj came in at a close second.  The different views around the perimeter of Lake Bled each brought a new perspective to the island and I couldn’t decided which I liked more.  As all photographers know, lighting is important and waiting for the right time to shoot is essential to get the results you want.  I wanted to get a shot early morning before sunrise in order to get softer lighting and more neutral colors.  The early morning brought light mist and a sense of tranquility and calmness on the water, which I preferred over the sunny blue skies in the middle of the day.  Before leaving, I hiked all the way up the side of a mountain for an amazing “aerial” view of Lake Bled.  It’s 45 minutes up steep terrain but well worth it!

After leaving Lake Bled, I headed northwest through the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park.  Every turn along the steep winding roads provided for a more spectacular view of the Alps and all along were many churches scattered throughout the small villages.  As you continue south through Triglav National Park, the snow on the ground begins to disappear and you are introduced to the turquoise blue waters of the Soča river.  The river was so richly colored that it almost looked unreal.  The crystal clear water runs through canyons and caves and passes by majestic waterfalls…a true paradise.  This helped me to conclude that Slovenia is highly underrated.  This has to be some of the most beautiful natural scenery I have seen in all my travels.  So hopefully this post encourages others to visit Slovenia…you won’t be disappointed.