Wandering around the streets of Havana and Trinidad and talking to the locals is the best way to experience the warmth and hospitality that Cuba and its people have to offer.  They are welcoming and friendly and want to get to know you, or at least figure out which country you’re from.  They’re happy to show off their well-kept classic American cars and will even take you on a drive through the city.  Salsa music will always be in their blood and it’s not uncommon to see locals dancing on the streets to the latest Salsa beat.  One of my most memorable moments was dancing with locals in a small local club in Trinidad only to realize I couldn’t keep up with them.  I love coming here and being this the second time visiting, I wanted to explore more of the country outside of Havana.

The photos below are mainly from Havana, the countryside town of Viñales, and the coastal town of Trinidad, three of the areas I visited during my 2-week trip throughout the country.  The old lady above with the cigar was someone I met on my first visit to Cuba.  She was someone that caught my attention and we sat and chatted for a while before snapping a photo of her.  I fell in love with her sense of humor and charisma.  When I came back to visit on this latest trip, I found out that she had unfortunately passed away a few years back.  Her name was Graciela.