Cuba is exactly what you would expect a country unexposed to the United States to be.  It is quite refreshing.  For once, you don’t see a McDonalds or a Starbucks around each corner, nor do you see the latest Ford vehicle cruising down the streets.  No American culture anywhere for miles!  This is raw Cuba and though many would argue that the people of Cuba are repressed, I would beg to differ.  Without getting political here, I would say that the people are doing better than you would think.  Of course it could be better.  But after spending a day in Cuba, I realized that Cubans are happy people.

I stood out, like any tourist would…though I tried to blend in with my Spanish as best as I could.  Despite the unintentional intrusion in my part by getting lost in the streets of Havana and wandering around aimlessly, the Cuban people were very welcoming and curious at the same time to find out who I was and where I had come from.  One lady was dancing salsa outside her door on the street and invited me to join….which I did of course.  Here I am dancing salsa with a Cuban woman in the middle of a street somewhere in Havana.  Can we say priceless?  Needless to say that my time in Havana was more than memorable and I was able to take back with me some of their humor and wittiness back to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

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