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I traveled on my own through Morocco by train and bus for ten days to see where I would end up.  I usually plan things in advance but in this particular case, I booked my flight a few days before while in Europe.  When I arrived at the airport in Agadir at midnight, I didn’t know exactly where I was headed to, I didn’t even have a hotel booked.  I know it may sound crazy but I really just wanted to improvise.  I figured I would get by with common sense.  I told the taxi driver to take me to the closest city with a hotel.  He drove one hour and we finally arrived in a small coastal town called Essaouirra.  It turned out to be my favorite town in all of Morocco.  It was full of colors from hanging carpets to the colorful boats in the marina to different spices for sale.  Sailors came in with their catch of the day and the kids played soccer in the tight narrow alleyways inside the Medina.  It was so attractive that I stayed there for two full days.

I took a bus to Marrakesh where I had the best fresh-squeezed orange juice, hands down…something about their oranges.  The main square has a lot going on with snake charmers, vendors of all types, and food for all taste buds.  Walking through the maze-like streets is sure to get you lost but that’s half the fun!  Eventually you find out you actually made a big circle when you thought you were heading in one direction.  At night, the square fills up with lights, entertainers and music.

I left for the deserts of Morocco and stopped at the village of Ait Ben Haddou where I checked out the famous kasbah built in the 11th century.  Next few train stops took me to the towns of Fes and Meknes where I spent a day in each to explore lesser visited towns.  My last stop was Casablanca, making my way to the Hassan II Mosque to take in the magnitude of the structure.  It’s an impressive site and one not to be missed.  Morocco is proud of its architecture and it shows throughout the whole country.01-Casablanca-Morocco-Travel-Photography 02-Marrakesh-Morocco-Travel-Photography 03-Essaouira-Morocco-Travel-Photography 03-Marrakesh-Morocco-Travel-Photography 04-Marrakesh-Morocco-Travel-Photography 05-Marrakesh-square-Morocco-Travel-Photography 06-Casablanca-Morocco-Travel-Photography 07-Meknes-Morocco-Travel-Photography 08-Morocco-Travel-Photography 09-Essaouira-Morocco-Travel-Photography 10-Morocco-Travel-Photography 11-Essaouira-Morocco-Travel-Photography 12-spices-Morocco-Travel-Photography 13-Morocco-Travel-Photography 14-Ait-Ben-Haddhou-Morocco-Travel-Photography 15-Casablanca-Morocco-Travel-Photography 16-Marrakesh-Morocco-Travel-Photography 17-Morocco-Travel-Photography 18-Morocco-Travel-Photography 19-Morocco-Travel-Photography 20-Market-Morocco-Travel-Photography 21-Casablanca-Morocco-Travel-Photography

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    This is my favorite album. I’ve traveled, but never to such a surreal place as Morocco seems. These are epic.

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