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My first stop in Italy was in Genoa, birthplace of Christopher Columbus.  I decided that I wanted to visit Venice, Florence, Rome, and Pompeii by train.  So I took my first train to Venice and began my Italian journey.  Venice is unique to say the least and enchanting with its maze of canals and its famous Rialto Bridge and San Marco square.  I must have gotten lost through the streets crossing the canals more times than I’d like to admit.  Getting lost is inevitable unless you have a GPS with you, in which case you deserve to get lost.  Florence was full of art from the sculptures, to the artists painting on the sidewalks, to the architecture.  It’s one of my favorite cities in Italy and the people are very friendly.  Rome of course is full of history and standing inside the Coliseum gave me a sense of being in the Roman era and listening to the gladiators fight to the death.  You will need at least three days to enjoy most of Rome’s sites as well as Vatican City.  Back on the train heading south to Pompeii I spent a whole day in the old city that was once buried by ash in 79AD after the famous Mt. Vesuvius eruption.  The town is frozen in time and very well preserved.   I recommend spending a whole day in Pompeii to explore all its streets.  On my return to Italy, I plan on visiting Cinqueterre and the Alps.

01-Positano-Italy-Travel-Photography 02-Colosseum-Rome-Italy-Travel-Photography 03-Colosseum-Rome-Italy-Travel-Photography 04-Venice-Italy-Travel-Photography 05-Venice-Italy-Travel-Photography 06-Rialto-Bridge-Venice-Italy-Travel-Photography 07-Florence-Italy-Travel-Photography 08-Florence-Italy-Travel-Photography 09-Ponte-Vecchio-Florence-Italy-Travel-Photography 10-Florence-Italy-Travel-Photography 11-Vatican-City-Italy-Travel-Photography 12-Imperia-Italy-Travel-Photography 13-Genoa-Italy-Travel-Photography 14-Catania-boats-Italy-Travel-Photography 15-Pompeii-Italy-Travel-Photography 16-Pompeii-Italy-Travel-Photography

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  1. Michael Lawrence says:

    Hi, I think you dont need any such as long as all the photos are for personal use. And if the photos were to be used in a commercial print such as magazine, travel magz, posters. Then you need a model release to it. That’s what I know.

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    Hi there

    As a travel photographer what are the copy right laws when photographing people in public spaces ,do u need to get a model release from every one in the photo?


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