The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is a great country with so much to offer.  Though the country is flat with hardly a hill in sight, it boasts beautiful landscapes adorned with windmills, canals, and tulip fields.  Windmills and tulip fields are scattered everywhere and if you visit at the right time of year (April-May), you can witness the blooming of the tulips.  The cities are spectacular and the Dutch do a great job in preserving the old buildings while constructing modern ones.  Rotterdam is a great example of contemporary architecture at its finest.  Amsterdam, with its 1,280 bridges connecting a maze of canals, is filled with great museums and street life.  A boat ride on the canals is the best way to get a feel of Amsterdam.  And if you get lost, feel free to ask a local for directions.  They are more than willing to help!  01-Netherlands-winter-travel-photography 02-Netherlands-castle-travel-photography Netherlands-windmill-travel-photography Netherlands-Holland-travel-photography Netherlands-winter-travel-photography03-Netherlands-windmill-travel-photography.jpg 02-Tulip-fields-Holland-Travel-Photography 03-Windmills-Holland-Netherlands-Travel-Photography 04-Kinderdijk-windmills-Holland-Travel-Photography 05-Amsterdam-Travel-Photography 06-Windmill-Netherlands-Holland-Travel-Photography 07-Tulip-flower-fields-Holland-Travel-Photography 11-Flowers-Holland-Netherlands-Travel-Photography 12-canals-Holland-Netherlands-Travel-Photography 13-Amsterdam-Holland-Travel-Photography 14-Tulips-Holland-Netherlands-Travel-Photography 15-Delft-Holland-Travel-Photography 16-Rotterdam-Travel-Photography

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  1. Hi!
    I love these pictures. Though, I’m a little shocked. I’m from the Netherlands myself and I understand why you took these specific pictures, but that wasn’t all you saw in the Netherlands did you? Because now I’m worried of what our country showed you.

  2. I love that first picture. I think I found your old website a while back and we had some emails sent back and forth, but I could be mistaken.

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